Our Vision focuses on:

  1. An in-depth awareness of the multidimensional changes happening on all levels in the world where we are living in,
  2. Sensible levels are at least:
    1. Climate and nature,
    2. Food,
    3. Living space, housing and facilities,
    4. Social peace and human welfare,
    5. Energy,
    6. Mobility,
    7. Health & healthcare (humans and animals),
    8. Next generation(s)
  3. A recognition of the urgency to handle in stead of waiting for a better moment.
Vision Paper


Our mission is to contribute towards the now world-wide emerging caring effort and initiatives, and this by creating positive value.

Our mission and, as a consequence, our creative value, will target our local neighborhood, in order to preserve that our creative value becomes directly delivered, where change dynamics can be pop-up and monitored.

By doing so, a happy community will raise up and automatically spread the good news. In fact, the best salesman is your own customer!

Deployment of this mission will be matched on compliance with our footprints withheld by this initiative.

Mission Paper


Our strategy will mainly address:

  1. Compile inspiring packages (including suitable promotion) of products and/or services, delivering affordable solutions to submitted concrete issues and ambitions of our connected community,
  2. Identify and integrate solution components, sourced from an experienced solution component "partner based" network,
  3. Identify, convince and care the experienced solution component partners, where all parties contributing to the "partner based" networking business model, at the end of each experience, are happy about their contribution to the total result.
Strategy Paper

Our most important message

The most important for us is listen to the community around us.

This community is building itself in time, consisting of everybody that expressed himself with regard to his personal perception, expectation or ambition.

While you are reading this, you are obviously acting in this community as a new or existing member and so, you are the one we want to listen to.

Our added value needs to be things like:

  • Supplying answers to questions,
  • Converting problems into solutions,
  • Inspiring about new ideas that you never heard about,
  • Organizing interaction between members of this community,
  • ....

We hope that our refreshing initiative might fulfill our (and maybe yours?) mission and that you enjoy being member of this refreshing initiative.

Why not joining this refreshing initiative? You're welcome!


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