Is there anybody out there?


Mansio, incorporated around 1988, has always been a company skilled in "Management and Services in Information and Organization".
Mansio always performed operating the well-known business model, being " identify a customer, sell and deliver your products and/or services, send an invoice and get paid ".
This historical business model is slowly, but steady, fading out in time. Mansio is aware of this change and is now focusing on her REFRESHING INITIATIVE ENTERING 2017.

Today and tomorrow

Mansio decided to participate as a professional player in this world-wide evolution, happening today. Experienced skills on various areas, known network, available resources, and most important "Yes, we can", are committed to this strategic decision.

Mansio goes for a REFRESHING INITIATIVE ENTERING 2017 and further in time.

The crew sharing and participating within the challenging ambition

Different profiles but complementing each other


Kris Van Uffelen

Founder and Inspirer

Born in 1952, I have always been sensible for creativity. When creativity shows up, unexpected things happen. As a professional start, I entered in business development and resulting business process automation. Nowadays, I focus on learning and understanding the about's of a changing world around us. This is my today's passion.


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