Ecology is a science

Belonging to this initiative community means respect for all aspects related to ecology.

Ecology is not a slogan, it's a new science that did not exist as such years ago.

The growing knowledge behind this science should be a guidance when deploying a strategy.

This initiative should be compliant to all ecology rules applicable and not deviate from them.

Creating social value

This community is obviously consisting of and inspired by people.

These people are interacting between each other and such interaction in generating a social contact.

These social contacts should respect values like respect, understanding, openness, patience, and more...

These social values are a irreplaceable key inside the footprints, around the initiative.

Mental health feeds happiness

Happiness is a intangible vitamin in human life.

The effect of this vitamin make us motivated, smiling, sleeping well and living daily without fear and anger.

Happiness is a stairway to heaven.

Mental health is the most required food soil for this extraordinary vitamin.


Connecting these footprints to our strategy

These footprints are bridging with the daily deployment of our strategy, where they did already before when formulating our mission.

In fact, these footprints are our evaluation criteria whenever we interact within the community and are responding to this community with inspiring packages or solutions.

By carefully matching these footprints, we aim to reach quality contribution to our mutual future.



What can you expect from us?

1st Jan 2017: First of all, we have to complete this website and make sure that all communication inside matches our vision/mission/strategy and that this all is compliant with our footprints.

Afterwards, we will submit for feedback this online content inside our team and the first members of our partner network. This will obviously take some time...

While this is happening, we will be attentive to questions submitted, ideas coming in, new contacts established, etc... This interaction will drive us in order to be able to package and promote some of our first inspired solution packages.

It's evident that this process will evolve depending on the dynamics of the community related to this initiative.

All interest to this initiative is more than welcome and will clearly contribute of the successful growing of it.


Feel inspired or want to feedback to us?

Maybe just drop something via our contact page or start an interactive comment on our blog.